Stacking Packetmasters

Customer Solution!

Request: aggregation and filtering traffic for monitoring system 32 x 1 Gbit links & 10 x 10 Gbit links

Solution 6 optical slim taps |  2 x EX6 and 1 x EX32

We use the two EX6 to aggregate the 2 x 16 links this gives room to grow and also a little redundancy. The two 10 Gbit output are forward to the EX32. The EX32 also aggregate the 10 Gbit links coming from the Cubro slim tap.

To make is easier in handling we decide to do all the filtering in the EX 32. This unit supports 64000 filters, enough to do any job.

At the end the EX32 load balance the traffic to two 10 Gbit ports to feed the probe.

Stacking Packetmasters



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