Sessionmaster EXA 28 Sessionmaster EXA Series


Traffic Classification Rule

  • 8 groups of 7-tuple ACL rules, each group containing 2048 IPv4 rules and 2048 IPv6 rules
  • 64 groups of key word rules, each group containing up to 128 key words
  • 2048 extensible IP rules
  • Millions of accurate 5-tuple rules (non-range and non-mask)
  • Real-time rule configuration and updating

Powerful Network Protocol Identifying

The EXA Sessionmaster is on edge between Packet Broker and Probe, the EXA can decode different protocols to extract meta data for filtering in layers above L4 also on session level. 

  • IPv4/IPv6, TCP/UDP/SCTP, HTTP, L7, etc
  • Gn/IuPS, S11, S1-MME/S1-U/S6a, etc

Packet Processing features

  • Time stamping, ns-level
  • Slicing
  • Replication
  • IP fragment reassembling
  • VLAN tag adding or deleting
  • Identifying GTP upstream and downstream traffic
  • GRE/GTP/MPLS header stripping
  • Packet order preserving
  • 4 GB data burst buffering

GTP load balancing application

GTP load balancing application

Load balancing GTP traffic is very imported when mobile network monitoring is needed, because the load in mobile networks is growing more than the performance of the probes. That is the reason why LB is a must in monitoring applications. The Sessionmaster support this in two ways based on TEID and load balancing on the inner IP address.

Keyword Regular expression search

Keyword Regular expression search
  • Keywords or Regular expression search is a way to find traffic based on the content of the packet.
  • This is needed to separate traffic which cannot be done with IP header filters
  • Keyword search needs a lot processing power the load is limited to 20 Gbit/s
  • The second big challenge is the packet must be decoded first so that the search is only in the user plain and not in the full packet to get us full results.

IMSI Filtering with Packetmaster EXA

IMSI Filtering with Packetmaster EXA

IMSI filtering is a us full application to reduce the load for monitoring purposes. The EXA can filter one or several 1000 IMSI to offload monitoring devices  


  • General Functions: traffic filtering layer 4 | traffic filtering layer 7 | load balancing | bypass | GRE tunnel | VXLAN tunnel | aggregate many to any | aggregate any to many
  • Special Funktion: filter on VLAN | VLAN add / remove | MPLS add / remove | filter on MPLS | modify load balance hash | sflo / nflow generation
  • Amount of filter rules: up to millions
  • Amount of in and out ports:
    • Backplan Bandwitdh: 280 - 560 Gbit/sec
    • Port Bandwitdh: 1 Gbit | 10 Gbit
    • Supported Connections: SFP | SFP+
    • Managment: RS 232 CLI | SSH CLI | SSH API


    CE/FCC/ETL | CMMI Level 3 | ISO 27001 certification | ISO 9001 certification | Fully RoHS compliant | UL 60950-1 / CSA C22.2 60950-1-07 / IEC 60950-1 (2005) | EN 60950-1 (2006)

    Electrical Specifications:

    • DC Input: -48VDC nominal. -36 to -72VDC, 10A
    • Input Power: 100-240V, 2A, 47-63Hz
    • Maximum power consumption: 250W

    Mechanical Specifications:

    • Dimension (HxWxD): 42.8 x 435 x 393.7 mm
    • Weight : 8.4 kg