OTN 4 Interceptor Media Converters

OTN stands for Optical Transport Network and is designed to transport data over long distances. To do this the OTN adds some overhead to overcome packet loss and some other issues.

To transport 100 Gbit Ethernet over OTN the Ethernet frames are encapsulated.

This means OTN4 “ODU4 100 Gbit” is something different on the physical level
than 100 Gbit Ethernet, therefore a standard NPB cannot read and handle that traffic.

We need some kind of converter and there are not many products on the market.


  • General Functions:
  • Special Funktion: full transparent L1 device | no delay
  • Amount of in and out ports:
    • Port Bandwitdh: 100 Gbit
    • Supported Connections:
    • Managment: SSH CLI | WEB GUI
    • Part Nr #: call


    CE/FCC/ETL | CMMI Level 3 | ISO 27001 certification | ISO 9001 certification | Fully RoHS compliant | UL 60950-1 / CSA C22.2 60950-1-07 / IEC 60950-1 (2005) | EN 60950-1 (2006)

    Electrical Specifications:

    • Input Power: 100-240V, 2A, 47-63Hz