Monitoring offload

The smart Cubro solution to use your existing monitoring system even when your data traffic is growing exponential !

  • Reduce Monitoring cost by off-loading the existing monitoring system.
  • Reducing not only Capex also Opex goes down because of less hardware resources.
  • Still the full metadata information on user plan traffic.

First we separate signaling traffic and user traffic

The signaling traffic is forwarded to the existing monitoring system, and is processed there.

The load on the signaling is low and even when  the user load is growing the load on the
Is not growing in the same way, it is more customer amount related not bandwidth related.


In the second step the user traffic can be filtered To reduce the load, there are many options were
we can filter on.

IMSI, IMEI ,APN, Network Element Filtering, CELL ID and more

It is possible to filter on a million IMSI’s per unit this can be used to monitor only gold customers

Or fully monitor on capture specific IMSI for special purpose, LI, deep investigation ..

Finally we can produce Metadata XDR’s for “all” user data traffic. This XDR holds a matrix of  
relevant information coming from the network. Also this XDR’S can be filtered to the reduce the load there.

The amount of XDR’s per session per time interval could be configured. To deliver the needed granularity of information.

The XDR is a open format to support any database.



  • Sessionmaster EXA Series

    • Session Aware L7 filtering
    • GTP load balancing
    • IMSI Filtering
    • Keyword search
    • Regex filtering
    • Timestamping
    • and much more  


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