General Info Packetmaster

The Packetmaster is a advanced packet pusher, which can be used as Network Packet Broker (NPB) as termination device or as inline device to manage and modify traffic. This funktions a controlled by rules. This rules could be static or dynamic.  The setup of the rules can be done in many different ways. 

EX products

  • Based on high performance switch fabric
  • Filtering up to Layer 4
  • Filtering on the first 124 Bytes on several units
  • Up to 2.4TBit/s load

Session Master

  • Network Processor based
  • Filter up to Layer 7, offset based filters
  • 1 Mio filters/rules
  • 12000 filter rule changes per sec
  • Up to 240GBit/s load

Setup of Rules

The setup can be done by:

  • static input via CLI,WEB Guy
  • dynamic via scripts on the unit, external scrips via API
  • ecternal controller applications via API


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