Cubro 40 Gpbs Bidi Tap optical Taps

Cubro 40 Gpbs Bidi Tap

Need to monitor a Cisco® Bidi QSFP link? Cisco® has developed a way of transporting 40 Gbit over the existing 10 Gbit infrastructure. They invented a new kind of QSFP called BiDi QSFP which transports 40 Gbit duplex over only two fibers. The QSFP multiplexer has two 10 Gbit lanes to a 20 Gbit stream and it sends this over the same fiber in both directions.

It is challenging to tap this new transport technology, however Cubro can do this with the use of the Packetmaster EX32+ which breaks the 40Gbit down to multiple 10 Gbit links. The EX32+ Tap is fully transparent and passive and adds no delay to the network.



  • avaliable spliting ratio: 80/20
  • Supported links: 1
  • Part Nr #: CBR.BIDI-SM-1-C
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  • Packetmaster EX32(+)

    Packetmaster EX32(+)

    • Carrier Grade Design
    • 32 x 1/10 Gbit 2 x 40 Gbit 
    • SFP & SFP+ & QSFP
    • layer 4 filtering + UDF filtering
    • Aggregation
    • Traffic modification


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