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Today, networks are an essential part of a commercial infrastructure, on the same level as power and water. Each malfunction costs thousands each minute, or even worse the network could be compromised by an internal or external fraud attack, so network monitoring is a vital part of networks. 

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Network Monitoring is not a nice to have gimmick. Without Monitoring you cannot operate networks, even smaller networks need some kind of monitoring. In some cases monitoring is legally required for network providers to fulfill their SLA and government regulations. Network Monitoring is a large field, it starts with counters on the network elements and free tools for SNMP and Wireshark, and ends with large Flow Monitoring Systems and complex carrier orienting call trace tools and lawful interceptions.

1 3 Tap V 4 8 colorFor all this application free or multimillion installation it is necessary to have physical access to the network, from 10 Mbit copper interfaces to 100 Gbit fiber connections. What Cubro has to offer starts at this layer, we provide devices which give physical access to the network, without changing the network information, in timing or information.(Optical and electrical TAP)

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Over time networks become so complex and large that a simple TAP is no longer enough to provide the correct information to the monitoring.  (Cubro Packetmaster)

EXA28The next step is NPB with layer 4 capabilities are not sufficient enough anymore, up to Layer 7 devices are needed to fulfil the requests to offload monitoring devices. In some cases, monitoring devices could not work without advanced NPB  (Cubro Sessionmaster EXA)because the load must be balanced based on information’s in layer 5 and Today we need devices called Network Packet Brokers which receive the traffic from the Taps and aggregate, filter and send it to different monitoring systems.

Today the Tap network is a vital part of a monitoring system, it provides the information from the network and can also help to reduce the cost of the monitoring systems in many ways.

Because we are successful in Tap and NPB up to layer, it is a logical way to go the next step to provide metadata out of the devices. This metadata are agnostic and can be used in any northbound monitoring system.