What we do !

10 100 copper tap front

Tapping is a layer 1 technique to get access to network traffic without interfering the original traffic and without losing information. The purpose for taping is monitoring and lawful interception. Depending on the physical situation we must handle optical and copper interfaces, and also with different speeds from very slow 2 Mbit up to very fast 100 Gbit links. Take under consideration a network link (connection) has always two directions, this means if we are talking about a 100 Gbit link, we had to handle up to 200 Gbit. The mayor critical issue in tapping a network is not interfering the original traffic, this is often a challenging task, and need deep knowledge in layer 1.



Steering is the second task what Cubro’s devices do, our network packet broker can do much more than aggregation. We can steer the traffic in many
ways, we can work passive behind taps, and inline, whit bypass or without bypass protection. Steering includes also load balancing, and traffic tunneling. Cubro support all major tunnel techniques VLAN, MPLS, GRE, NVGRE, GENEVA, VXLAN . Cubro is ready for the challenges of virtual environments. Tap Networks can be very complex today, often there are several packet brokers involved, Cubro build systems with more than 1000 ports.


PM EX filter 3D

Filtering is the third task to support monitoring applications. Cubro can filter in all 7 layers depending on the equipment, this capability helps the user to save cost, because only the relevant traffic must be monitored and collected. Cubro NPB supports thousands of filters from 2000 in the smallest unit up to 1 Million in the biggest. The amount of filters have no impact on the performance of the unit.

Separation and load balancing the number 4 on our list what Cubro’s NPB can do. Often specific traffic must be forwarded to specific devices, Cubro can help to offload the analyzing devices with his filter (separation) capabilities.


Load balancing is also a part of this job because analyzing and capture devices are only capable to handle a certain amount of traffic. Cubro helps to load balance the traffic to several devices which share the load. This load balancing is very flexible and support many ports.


Modification is the most challenging task, but sometimes it is need to solve the request. Cubro can modify most of the fields in the Layer 4 header of Ethernet 

packet. This can be done in line rate, without adding delay or jitter to the network.