Cubro EXA8 community support forum

The EXA8 is a compact multi-application device which can be used for aggregation, filtering and capturing of network traffic in real-time.

filter.JPG ssd.JPG filter2.JPG 3rdparty.JPG

Captures data for real-time analysis

as well as historical playback –

excellent for troubleshooting

Captures on or on USB

Capable of performing several other

advanced applications like a Sessionmaster

Allows running
3rd party applications

The Cubro EXA8 is a universal small but still powerful platform, for several monitoring application for the enterprise and lab testing market, and tactical market. 

4 copper links (8 ports) and 2 x 10 Gbit SPF+ ports, lot CPU power and memory, USB 3.0 and M2 disc interface internally*, are the ingredients of this platform the copper ports are links save (TAP’s) which helps to use the device inline. Especial in enterprise application this is very useful and saves money because one unit does all (tapping and aggregation, filtering, NetFlow, and capture. 

The unit can be used inline because of the 4 integrated taps and with span ports or external taps. This gives a lot of possible functions and upgrade options. The upgrade and function change can be done via the integrated USD card slot. 

The small mechanical dimension gives them the option to mount two units in a one U 19” frame.